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Started with the aim of bringing about digitization in the healthcare sector. We were founded in the year 2015 by 4 Technolocrats. With limited Resources and time which they had set aside from their Plush Jobs they started to analyze the pain points which are widely existent in the healthcare domain. Today when the world is planning to move to Mars there is very less technological use in this Domain. One thing that our Founders always had in their heart when they started on this journey is , "To Make Healthcare Reachable for every human being in and around us".

We are NOT limited to a specific Product or Service .We have a wide variety of end to end services to Offer for every stake holder of the healthcare chain.

Our Services

For Doctors

Doctors are generally not able to spend much time with their loved ones due to the responsibility they have towards the society. We at iMedicoz have tried to ease the pressure that a doctor goes through in his Work. We are offering a one stop destination from writing e-Prescription , managing his appointments , monitoring his patients progress and many more. Our iMedicoz team believes “Why settle for less when you get more out here ". So Please Sign up and give us a chance to serve you better.

For Patients

In 21st Century we are planning to move to Mars but when it is comes to managing your heeling and medication we are still living in the stone age - Managing our reports, prescriptions and doctor's appointment.

We at iMedicoz have taken 2 pledges.

  • 1

    Patient should not worry about his reports, medicine , medication and progress. He should just relax and get well soon. You can rely on us to take care of these things.

  • 2

    We will make people self sufficient when it comes to taking one's care. They will no longer have to rely on other for doing their stuff.

For Pharmacy

Service for Pharmacy: Pharmacy Owners are also an important part of our healthcare chain without whom the chain is incomplete. Yet there task is still so much manual and cumbersome. We at iMedicoz believes in the motto " सबका साथ, सबका विकास". Our service help the pharmacy connect easily with every stakeholder of healthcare chain be it be patient, doctor, Manufactures etc.

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